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Mountain States Utility Sales

MSUS is a recognized, top-level manufacturer’s representative company. Serving the Mountains States area; Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico with equipment, tools and products for the Electrical Utility industry.  Give us a call at (970) 867-3731 or email us at


Commitment to personal relationships with every client.


A wide selection of only the highest quality products.


Absolute honesty in all communication.

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A real sense of passion for what we do.

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We curate a list of only the best manufacturers in the Electrical Utility Industry. We back their products with pride; we only work with the best quality brands in the business. We want every project to go as smoothly as possible, and run as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.

We couldn’t do it without our amazing manufacturers. Take a look through our selection and you’ll agree, these are some of the best in the business:

Connecting the utility companies, contractors and distributors with the highest quality electrical utility equipment.

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